Stock exchange € 23.00
2021 02 24 17:35
NAV per share €24.21
2020 03 31

Access Apax Partners' investments
through the stock market

  • Robust business activity, despite the public health crisis
    04 février 2021
  • Altamir announces the partial sale of its shareholding in Expereo, a company held through the Apax France IX fund
    02 février 2021
  • Altamir to sell its investment in THOM Group and to reinvest in the company as the lead shareholder
    25 janvier 2021

Over €1.2bn in portfolio

Funds managed by Apax Partners SAS and Apax Partners LLP, two PE leaders in their respective markets, with 45+ years of experience

Provide access to one of the best asset classes over the long term, with the following objectives:

  • Performance: Grow NAV per share and outperform the most relevant indices (LPX Europe, CAC Mid & Small)
  • Shareholder return: Maintain a sustainable and attractive dividend policy (2 – 3 % of year-end NAV)

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Create value for shareholders over the long term

Targeting 2 to 3 X the invested amounts over a five-year period

A clear, differentiated, and proven strategy:

  • Invest in high-growth companies, diversified by size and geography
  • Only in the 4 sectors of specialisation of Apax Partners
  • Buy-outs and growth capital investments
  • With majority or lead positions
  • Achieve 2 to 3X the amount invested
  • Be a responsible investor, monitoring ESG performance of each investment

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Private equity

Invest in non-listed companies, grow their business and improve their performance

Private Equity funds typically invest in

  • Private-held unlisted companies
  • ‘Corporate orphans’, or under-developed divisions of larger corporations
  • Listed companies under-valued by the stock market, or whose growth potential would be more optimally developped under private ownership

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A unique, tax-exempt investment vehicle

Altamir has opted for the attractive tax status of Société de Capital Risque (SCR)

Tax benefits for individuals

  • Individuals resident in France are exempted from tax on dividends and on capital gains by holding their shares for at least 5 years and reinvesting their dividends
  • Individuals not resident in France are not subject to French withholding tax  by committing to holding their shares at least 5 years

Tax benefits for legal entities

  • Legal entities resident in France are exempted from tax on dividends deriving from capital gains and are subject to a reduced tax rate on capital gains by committing to holding their shares for at least 5 years
  • Legal entities not resident in Frnace are not subject to capital gains tax in France

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