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Two distinct legal entities operate under the Apax Partners brand, with no ownership relationship between them:

  • Apax Partners SAS (renamed Seven2), managing the French funds
  • Apax Partners LLP which manages the international funds.


Seven2 is a major private equity company in Continental Europe. Based in Paris and headed by Eddie Misrahi, the company has a team of around 50 investment professionals organized by sector.

  • Apax Partners SAS (renamed Seven2) is the management company of the Apax MidMarket VIII fund raised in 2011 (€704m), Apax MidMarket IX raised in 2016 (€1.030bn), Apax MidMarket X (€1.6bn) and Apax Development (€255m), new fund dedicated to small caps in France.
  • The funds managed and advised by Seven2 (formerly Apax Partners SAS) total approximately €4.5bn. They finance the long-term growth of mid-sized companies (€100m to €500m in enterprise value) as well as small-sized companies (€50m to €100m) in Continental Europe.

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Apax Partners LLP

London-headquartered Apax Partners LLP is a leading global private equity advisory firm. The company invests in Europe (outside France), North America and the main emerging countries (mainly China and India).

  • The firm has a team of around 160 investment professionals spread globally across seven offices (London, New York, Munich, Tel-Aviv, Mumbai, Shanghai and Hong Kong).
  • Apax Partners LLP has raised and advised funds with aggregate commitments of over $50bn. They finance the long-term growth of large companies with a value between €500m and €3bn. The most recently-raised funds are Apax VIII LP in 2013 (€7.5bn), Apax IX LP in 2016 ($9bn), Apax X LP in 2020 ($11,8bn), Apax XI LP in 2023 ($13.0bn), Apax Digital in 2017 (a $1.1bn fund targeting worldwide investments in technology companies) and Apax Digital II in 2021 ($2.0bn).

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Because of their common history, Apax Partners SAS and Apax Partners LLP share a strategy based on financing growth and specialising by sector, while positioning themselves on markets that complement each other in terms of geography and company size.


These two companies have signed the PRI (Principes for Responsible Investment) in 2011, committing themselves to integrate responsible criteria in their management and investment policy.


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