Altamir was founded in 1995 to enable all investors to gain access via the stock market to Private Equity, one of the best-performing asset classes over the long term.

The early history

1995 – 2011
  • 1995:  Creation and listing of Altamir by Maurice Tchenio with the objective of providing access, through the stock market, to private equity, and more specifically to the investments made by Apax Partners France, while not being tied to the constraints of private equity funds (high costs of entry, administrative formalities, lack of liquidity …).
  • 2006: Creation of Amboise Investissements with the objective of doubling the size of Altamir without diluting its shareholders.
  • 2007: Merger of Altamir and Amboise Investissements to create the Altamir Amboise company.
  • Since 2011 and going forward: Investments are made through the funds managed by Seven2 (formerly Apax Partners SAS) and Apax Partners and not in each company alongside the funds.

The internationalisation

2012 – 2016
  • 2012: Extension of Altamir Amboise investment strategy to the international to seize growth opportunities outside French-speaking countries and to reach the critical mass of €1bn in assets under management. Investment in the Apax VIII LP advised by Apax Partners LLP and whose scale is global.
  • 2012: First investment of Altamir outside French-speaking countries with the acquisition of Garda managed by the Apax VIII LP fund.
  • 2013: Change of company name: Altamir Amboise becomes Altamir again.
  • 2016: Commitment to invest in the funds managed by Apax France IX (€306m) and Apax IX LP (€138m).

The diversification

Since 2018

  • 2018: Amboise SAS (a company 100% held by Maurice Tchenio) successfully completes its take-over bid on Altamir, and holds 65% of its capital. 
  • 2018: Change in the investment strategy which, as of 2018, takes the concrete form of a subscription in the Apax Development and Apax Digital funds.
  • 2019: Asset allocation over 2020/2023:
    • €530m (€350m and €180m respectively) to be allocated in the Funds X currently being raised by Apax Partners SAS (renamed Seven2) and Apax Partners LLP
    • €200m package for co-investments and strategic investments.
  • 2021:
    • First direct investment, with the acquisition of  all the shares of the THOM‘s holding company, together with the management team and new shareholders. Altamir becomes the lead shareholder of the company.
    • In order to expand the exposure to North America and the rest of the world (notably Asia): 100m€ allocated over three years (of which €30m in 2021, €40m in 2022 and €30m in 2023) to vintage funds named Altaroc Global. For more information (in French) visit:
  • 2022: Asset allocation over 2023/2026:
    • €500m in the European Union
    • €300m worldwide, mainly in the US (€254m have already been allocated to the Apax XI LP fund, currently being raised).
    • €200m to be allocated to co-investments or strategic investments.