Accessing Apax Partners investments
through the stock market

1) Commitment to hold shares and reinvest dividends

To benefit from the special tax treatment applicable to SCRs (Article 163 quinquies of the French Tax Code), i.e. exemption from tax on dividends and on capital gains from the sale of shares (excl. social security levies of 17.2%), the individual shareholder must commit to holding the shares for five years and to reinvesting the dividends until the end of that holding period.

The link below (Document 1) will take you to a commitment letter that you will need to fill out and send to:

  • Altamir immediately after upon acquisition of the shares;
  • your local tax office when you file your income tax return;
  • your financial intermediary for information.

Document 1: commitment letter to send to Altamir after purchase of any Altamir shares (in French)

2) Reinvestment of dividends

During these five years, dividends may be reinvested a) through the purchase of Altamir shares or b) through deposit into an interest-bearing shareholder loan account held in escrow.

In either case, you must:

  • send us the form below (Document 2) specifying how you will reinvest the dividends;
  • send a copy of the form to your local tax office when you file your income tax return;
  • send a third copy of this letter to your financial intermediary.

Document 2: dividend reinvestment form (in French)

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