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Continued NAV per share growth over the third quarter of 2009

Net Asset Value per share1 came to €10.85 at 30 September 2009, compared with €10.11 at 30 June 2009, up 7.4% over the third quarter and 10.7% since the beginning of the year.

The NAV growth is explained by the increase in the share prices of the listed portfolio companies, notably Altran Technologies, GFI Informatique and Séchilienne-Sidec. Indeed, it is reminded that only the listed companies are revalued at 30 September, while the unlisted companies are revalued twice a year at 30 June and 31 December.

On 30 September 2009, the Commercial Court of Paris approved the safeguard plan of Financière Hélios, which is the reference shareholder of Séchilienne-Sidec. This plan sets out repayment terms for Financière Hélios' banking debt, which amounts to approximately €140m. Interest conditions on the debt remain unchanged, but without reference to any stock market ratio.

At 30 September 2009, IFRS Net Assets totalled €396.3m, of which:

  • €409.8m of portfolio assets (76% in unlisted securities and 24% in listed securities)
  • €10.0m of net debt, including €7.3m drawdowns from available facilities (bank credit lines and Ahau 30 financing2).


1 Net Asset Value (Share of the Limited Partners who hold ordinary shares) net of any tax liabilities
2 Financing of €30m provided by a pool of investors (in exchange for preference shares of the FCPR Ahau 30), to be repaid at the time of future divestments (Press Release of 29 June 2009).


About Altamir Amboise

Altamir Amboise is a listed private equity company which was created in 1995, targeting NAV per share growth in line with the top-performing private equity players.
Altamir Amboise co-invests with the funds managed by Apax Partners SA, a leading private equity firm with over 30 years of investing experience. It offers investors access to a diversified portfolio of fast-growing companies across Apax' sectors of specialisation: Tech & Telecom, Retail & Consumer, Media, Healthcare, Business & Financial Services.
Altamir Amboise is listed on Euronext Paris, Compartment C, ticker: LTA, ISIN: FR0000053837. At 31 December 2008, the total number of Altamir Amboise ordinary shares is 36 512 301.
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