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Altamir Et Cie (" Altamir ") and Amboise Investissement (" Amboise ") stepping up their pace of investments

Both the pace and the volume of investments carried out by Altamir and Amboise    were high over 2006, with €56m invested and committed by Altamir and €66m    by Amboise, each one of these companies using up a significant percentage oftheir financial resources.

As a result, as at 31 December 2006, Altamir had around €24m in    cash assets available, with a further €18m of commitments, while Amboise    had around €30m in cash assets, with €27m of commitments.

For reference, the co-investment rates for Altamir and Amboise in any investments    made by Apax Partners France currently represent 25% for each of the two companies.

For 2007, this highly dynamic investment pace should continue, and Apax Partners    currently has a large number of potential investment projects under review while    market environment remains highly favourable for private equity operations.

Within this context, Altamir and Amboise have decided to mandate ABN AMRO    Rothschild to review the different options available with a view to maintaining    their current co-investment levels with the funds managed by Apax Partners,    as the funds to be raised by the exercise of existing warrants (bons de souscription    d'actions - BSA) could be insufficient.

These options include the possible merger of the two vehicles, the principle    of which was announced last year at the time of Amboise's initial public    offering. Such a merger would be followed by a capital increase.

About Altamir and Amboise Investissement

Altamir and Amboise Investissement are two listed        companies which were created by Apax Partners respectively in December 1995        and at the end of March 2006. Both are designed to    co-invest        and disinvest with the private equity investment funds managed by Apax Partners    France.

Altamir and Amboise Investissement leverage Apax Partners'  know how    and investment strategy, which involves backing fast-growing companies, at all    stages of investment, across its global sectors of Retail  & Consumer, IT & Telecoms,    Media, Healthcare, and Business &  Financial Services.

Altamir is a SCR (Société de            Capital Risque)    listed on the Euronext Paris Eurolist market,    Compartment C, Ticker:    LTA, ISIN: FR0000053837.
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Amboise Investissement is a SCR (Société de            Capital Risque) listed on the Euronext Paris Eurolist market, Compartment C, Ticker:        AMB, ISIN: FR0010307348.
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