Accessing Apax Partners investments
through the stock market

20 years 1995-2015


Investment objectives

Our primary objective is to provide long-term capital growth, a sustainable dividend policy (set at 2% to 3% of year-end NAV), and out-performance of the CAC Mid and Small indices, as well as LPX Europe, as measured by the NAV Total Return and by the Total Shareholder Return (TSR).

Achieving our primary objective will allow Altamir to meet its additional goal of attaining a critical mass of €1bn in assets under management. This will allow Altamir to become a major partner to Apax Partners MidMarket and Apax Partners LLP, and so optimize performance by the ability to adjust commitment levels to available cash, semi-annually. Such critical mass will increase the liquidity of Altamir shares, thus attracting a broader universe of investors and allow the share price to trade more consistently close to the net asset value.

Investment strategy

Apax Partners have a differentiated and proven investment strategy that has led to superior returns over the course of 40 years.

The Apax funds invest in companies with high growth potential, increasingly diversified by geography and size.

By aligning its interests with those of the management teams it backs, as majority or lead investors, Apax funds are in a position to implement ambitious value creation plans.

Apax’s investment focus and strategies include:

  • Sector specialization: Telecom, Media, Technology, Retail & Consumer, Healthcare, and Business & Financial services.
  • French-speaking European mid-market, €100m to €1 billion in enterprise value
  • Europe (other than French-speaking countries), North America and the larger emerging markets (China, India and Brazil), €1Bn to €5Bn in enterprise value
  • LBO/Growth capital investments
  • Majority or lead shareholder
  • Ambitious value-creation objectives
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