Accessing Apax Partners investments
through the stock market

20 years 1995-2015

Apax Partners LLP


Apax Partners LLP has been an active private equity company for over 40 years. The firm's funds are invested in North America, Europe, Asia and the major emerging markets.

Apax Partners LLP, as it is known today, came into existence in 2002 when the US and European members of the private equity investment network (excluding France) joined forces as one organization. Since that time, four funds have been raised: Apax VI in 2005 for a total commitment of €4.3 billion, Apax US VII in 2006 for a total commitment of US$856 million, Apax Europe VII in 2007 for a total commitment of €11.2 billion, and Apax VIII LP in 2013 for a total commitment of €5.8 million. At present, Apax LLP counts roughly 100 investment professionals across eight offices worldwide: London, New York, Munich, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Sao Paulo. At year-end 2013, Apax Funds had 46 portfolio companies in 14 countries worldwide.

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