Accessing Apax Partners investments
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20 years 1995-2015

Apax Partners France


Founded 40 years ago, Apax Partners is one of the largest and longest-established private equity firms dedicated to the French-speaking middle market. Apax Partners France pioneered the creation and development of private equity in France. The firm launched the first FCPR (private equity fund) and was instrumental in defining the rules of the profession in its market. Apax Partners is one of the founding members of the Association Française des Investisseurs pour la Croissance (French Association of Growth Investors).

Apax Partners France is currently comprised of two distinct investment managers:

Apax Partners SA, the historical manager of Apax Partners France's funds. The first fund launched was Apax CR in 1983, and Apax Partners SA managed all successive funds through Apax France VII, raised in 2006. Apax Partners SA has also been Altamir's investment manager since its inception in 1995.

Apax Partners MidMarket SAS manages Apax Partners France’s funds beginning with the fund Apax France VIII (raised in 2011 with a  total commitment of €704 million).

The CEO of Apax MidMarket SAS is Eddie Misrahi. In addition to Mr. Misrahi, the partners of Apax MidMarket SAS are Monique Cohen, Bertrand Pivin, Gilles Rigal, Bruno Candelier, Thomas de Villeneuve and Franck Hagège.

The investment teams encompass a total of 20 investment professionals organized by sector.

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