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Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board provides ongoing supervision of Altamir’s management and decides on the allocation of net income to be proposed to shareholders.

The Management Company consults the Supervisory Board on the valuation rules applied to portfolio companies and any potential conflicts of interest. Any amendment to the co-investment agreement between the Company and Apax Partners SA must be authorized by the Supervisory Board by a 2/3 majority vote of members present or represented.

Members of the Supervisory Board are independent and contribute business experience and relevant sector expertise. Members are elected for renewable two-year terms.

Jean-Hugues Loyez, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Member of the Supervisory Board since 2007 and former member of the Supervisory Board of Amboise Investissement since 2006. A graduate of IBM Institute, Mr. Loyez has spent his entire career with the Castorama group, where he was Chief Executive Officer from 1984 to 1992, and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 1992 to 2002. Since 2002, he has been acting as a private investor and business angel. He currently serves as founding President of A&A Partners, a provider of application software. Mr. Loyez was born in 1949.

Jean Besson

Member of the Supervisory Board since 1996. Jean Besson holds degrees from EM Lyon and from Harvard Business School, and has spent his entire career in the field of information technology. He was Finance Director at GSI (Générale de Services Informatiques), CEO of GSI Services, and Managing Director at Eurolog in Amsterdam (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom and France Telecom). Later, he was CEO of Questel Orbit which is a global leader of intellectual property database management. Mr. Besson serves as Manager of IPG SARL, and as Deputy Director of TQM S.A. He was born in 1943.

Marleen Groen

Member of the Supervisory Board since 2014. Ms. Groen is a Senior Advisor at StepStone, a global private markets specialist. She is based in London. With more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Marleen has spent 18 years in the global private equity secondaries market. Prior to becoming Senior Advisor at Stepstone, Marleen was Principal Founder of Greenpark Capital Ltd, a leading global mid-market private equity secondaries investment firm based in London. Marleen holds a Master’s degree (Hons) as well as a Bachelor’s degree (Hons) from Leiden University and an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management/Erasmus University, both in the Netherlands. She is a Dutch national and is fluent in German, French and English. In addition to being the chair of the EVCA LP Council and an EVCA Board member, Marleen is also a Trustee and the Treasurer of the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), Director and Chair of the Audit Committee of MOLA, and a member of the Board of Trustees for Muir Maxwell Trust. Ms Groen was born in 1956.

Gérard Hascoët

Voting member of the Supervisory Board since 2004. He has held management positions in the medical division of the Thomson Groupe before becoming Founding Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Technomed International, IMMI, and Sometec. He then went on to manage SpineVision (France). He currently serves as venture partner at Sofinnova Partners, Chairman of the Board of SpineVision, Chief Excutive Officer of MD Start (Germany), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CorWave (France) and Board member of APD (France). He is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale d'Electronique in Paris.Mr. Hascoët was born in 1949. He is born in 1949.

Philippe Santini

Member of the Supervisory Board since 2006. Mr. Santini is a graduate of IEP in Paris and the Harvard Business School Management Development Program. He holds graduate degrees in literature and in English, as well as a postgraduate degree in literature. He previously served as General Manager of the Havas group. He has served as Chairman and CEO of Aprovia (trade press) since 2003 and Chairman and CEO of Groupe Industries Services Info (GISI) since 2004. Mr. Santini is a Director and member of the Audit Committees of companies Galeries Lafayette and Zodiac Marine. He is also Chairman of PHS Consultants SAS. Mr. Santini was born in 1943.

Sophie Stabile

Member of the Supervisory Board since 2014. Ms. Stabile is Global Chief Financial Officer at Accor. She is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion et Finances. She began her career with Deloitte, before joining Accor in 1999 to head the Group’s Consolidation and Information System Department. In 2006, she was appointed as Group Controller-General, a post in which she supervises the consolidation process, international Finance and Financial Control Departments as well as the Internal Audit, Group Holding Company and Financial Back-office Departments. In May 2010, she was appointed Chief Financial Officer and in addition to her former responsibilities, as CFO she also oversees Investor Relations, Cash Management, Tax and Purchasing Affairs. A Member of Accor’s Executive Committee since August 2010, she is also responsible for the Group’s Procurement. Ms. Stabile is President of the Women At Accor Generation (WAAG), and the Accor network for the promotion of women. She is also President of the board of Orbis, a Polish hospitality Group in which Accor has a stake, since December 2013. Ms. Stabile was born in 1970.

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Internal rules of the Supervisory Board (in French)

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