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through the stock market

20 years 1995-2015

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Altamir is constituted as a Société en Commandite par Actions (French partnership limited by shares) consisting of two categories of partners with distinct rights and responsibilities:

A General Partner with unlimited liability for the Company's debts and whose rights are not freely transferable. The appointment and dismissal of the Manager are the sole authority of the General Partner.

Shareholders (limited partners), whose liability is limited to the amount of their contributions, and who enjoy the following rights:

  • To vote and to elect a Supervisory Board (whose role is to monitor the Management of the Company)
  • To appoint and dismiss the statutory auditors and to decide on the distribution of dividends, and to approve regulated agreements;
  • To freely transfer their shares;
  • To receive an annual dividend equivalent to 2% to 3% of year-end NAV (per the dividend policy put in place in March 2013).
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