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Apax Partners SAS


Apax Partners SAS is a major private equity company in French-speaking Europe. Based in Paris and headed by Eddie Misrahi, the company has a team of around 30 investment professionals organised by sector.

Apax Partners SAS is the management company of the Apax France VIII fund raised in 2011 (€704m), Apax France IX raised in 2016 (€1.030bn), Apax Development (new fund targeting €225M), and future funds. It is also Amboise Partners SA’s investment advisor for the historical portfolio.

The funds managed and advised by Apax Partners SAS total approximately €4Mds. They finance the long-term growth of mid-sized companies (€100m to €500m in enterprise value) as well as small-sized companies (€50m to €100m in enterprise value) in Continental Europe.

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