Accessing Apax Partners investments
through the stock market

20 years 1995-2015

Altamir is a listed private equity company on Euronext Paris (ticker: LTA) with more than €650m in assets under management.

Since inception in 1995, it has provided stock market investors access to a diversified portfolio of investments in unquoted companies in French-speaking Europe, and increasingly, internationally.

Altamir is structured as a “Société par Commandite en Actions” and has the status of SCR (Société de Capital Risque) a tax efficient structure under French law.

Investment policy

Altamir invests exclusively with Apax Partners, in three ways:

  • In the funds managed by Apax Partners MidMarket
  • In the funds advised by Apax Partners LLP
  • Occasionally, in direct co-investment with the funds managed and/or advised by Apax Partners MidMarket and Apax Partners LLP.



Altamir commits to investing up to EUR 300m in the Apax France IX fund and €138m in the Apax IX LP fund.


Altamir Amboise’s name shortens to ‘Altamir’.


Altamir Amboise expands its investment strategy to capture growth opportunities outside of French-speaking Europe and to attain a critical mass of Assets under Management (to around €1bn).


Altamir Amboise invests in the Apax VIII LP fund, a global fund advised by Apax Partners LLP


Altamir Amboise begins to invest in Apax Partners France funds (initially through Apax France VIII), rather than in co-investment in each individual holding.


Altamir & Cie and Amboise, two companies with identical underlying portfolios, are merged.


Amboise was created with the express purpose of doubling the size of Altamir’s capital base, without diluting its shareholders.


Altamir & Cie created and listed on Paris Stock market raising the equivalent of €12m. The purpose was to enable stock market investors to access the returns of Apax Partners investment portfolio, without the cost, administrative burden and illiquidity of the traditional Limited Partnership.

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