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Free allotment of warrants to Altamir and Cie shareholders

Altamir & Cie will proceed on 22 January 2007 to the free allotment of 539,041 warrants (bons de souscription d'actions) to subscribe for ordinary shares (the “Warrants”) of Altamir & Cie (the “Company”), to existing shareholders, based on a one Warrant per ordinary share parity.

These Warrants will be listed on Eurolist by Euronext Paris from 23 January 2007 and will allow their holders to subscribe, from 17 March 2008 to 21 March 2008, new ordinary shares with a parity of one new Altamir & Cie share for three Warrants.

The strike price of the Warrant will be equal to 85% of the volume-weighted average price of Altamir & Cie ordinary share during the ten trading days from 3 to 14 March 2008 included (the “Reference Period”). The strike price will be at least equal to the nominal value of Altamir & Cie ordinary share, i.e 100 euros.

As an indication, assuming the average price of Altamir & Cie ordinary shares during the Reference Period is 179.35 euros (i.e the volume-weighted average price of Altamir & Cie ordinary share during the ten trading days from 4 to 17 January 2007) and assuming all the Warrants are exercised, the strike price of the Warrants would be 152.44 euros and the gross proceeds of the issuance of the new ordinary shares would amount to 27,390,419.20 euros.

This transaction aims at maintaining on the long term Altamir & Cie's level of co-investment alongside Apax Partners at the same level as Amboise Investissement's level of co-investment, in the perspective of a future potential merger between Altamir & Cie and Amboise Investissement.

The French prospectus in connection with the issuance and admission to trading of the Warrants on the Eurolist by Euronext Paris consisting of a document de référence filed with the Autorité des marchés financiers (“AMF”) on 18 April 2006 under number D.06-283, its update filed with the AMF on 18 January 2007 under number D.06-283-A01 and a note d'opération (including a summary of the prospectus) received on 18 January 2007 visa n°07-020 from the AMF.

Copies of the prospectus are available free of charge from the Altamir & Cie's head office and may be consulted on the Company's website ( ) and the AMF's website ( ).
A legal notice will be published in the Bulletin des annonces légales obligatoires on 22 January 2007.
Altamir & Cie draws the attention of the public to the risk factors described in the prospectus that received the AMF visa.

About Altamir & Cie

Altamir & Cie is a listed company which was created by Apax Partners SA in December 1995. It is designed to co-invest and disinvest with the private equity investment funds managed by Apax Partners France and Amboise Investissement, a company listed on Euronext Paris.

Altamir leverages Apax Partners ' know how and investment strategy, which involves backing fast-growing companies, at all stages of investment (LBO, growth capital, venture capital), across its global sectors of IT & Telecoms, Media, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer and Business & Financial Services.

Altamir is a SCR (S ociété de Capital Risque ) listed on the Euronext Paris Eurolist market, Compartment C, Ticker: LTA, ISIN: FR0000053837.

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